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Things we're working on.


Twunch is a lunch planned on Twitter. Shadow Media Labs is working on a BlackBerry 10 app.

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Fuel Consumption

We're working on a fuel consumption tracker. At the moment this is still a single user application and it lacks a decent name.


Wander is meant to enhance your travel preparation experience. Prepare all aspects of your journey in one integrated space, and take it with you when you're on the way.

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Sonar is a music festival in Barcelona, Spain. Shadow Media built a website that gathers pictures posted on Twitter, Instagram and Twitpic tagged with #belsonar.

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When buying a house it's sometimes necessary to fix some things. This tool helps you calculate how much you should subtract of the price depending on the amount of work still to be done.

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Around the world

Dimitri and Graham travelled around the world and logged their positions with Google Latitude. We built a map showing where they went.

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On 3 June 2010 we gave a talk on the power of now and HTML5 at #140confbxl.

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We built a prototype of a single pager showing the progression of deaths in Syria. Afterwards it got ported to node.js and Heroku.

Check Daily Deaths of Syria »

Tweet For Life

Tweet For Life is a grass roots compagnion action to StuBru's Music For Life. The first edition gathered 738,75 euro and was built by Shadow Media Labs. Nowadays the grass roots action lives at

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Party Visualisation

We built a custom tweetwall for Nacht van de Journalistiek 2013. The tweetwall takes tweets and instagrams tagged with #nvdj, #nvdj13 or #nvdj2013 and shows them transparantly on a background of a YouTube playlist.

View the party visualisation » for personal branding

We built a Delicious clone but oriented at personal branding.

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Geronimo 2013 - December

Learning a new language but having trouble remembering some words? Use this Android app.

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